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Dog training in the shortest amount of time with the least amount of pressure

Dogs do speak, only to those who learn to listen

Focus and engagement is the foundation of dog training

why choose us


Every dog, every owner has different needs. We tailor and personalise our programs to suit your lifestyle, helping your dog and you to understand each other


Everything heard about E-Collar does not apply to us. 90% of the E-Collar Trainers are doing it wrong. We prioritise your dogs well-being and safety above anything in an ethical manner. Our unique way of using E-Collar will facilitate understanding between your dog and you, creating an unbreakable bond

Track record

Our success stories from hundreds of happy and confidently trained dogs speak for itself. Our most popular dog training program in Singapore, despite the steep investment is our 14 Days Board & Train

Creating a world of possibilities with dogs through dog training and dog sports
services & Programs


A foundation obedience class using low level ecollar

14 days Board & Train

Bringing out the best in your dog through flawless obedience and manners.

Private training

Whether you want to improve a current skill or work on something new, this is for you

Scent Detention

Using instincts to stimulate the mind


Keeping the skin and coat of harsh coated dogs healthy and beautiful

Holiday with dogs

Making the impossible, possible by travelling the world with our dogs

About Us
At WOOGA! we specialise in our 14 days Board & Train program, we also offer services such as Daycare, Boarding, Handstripping and other unique training programs. We are a micro team of two, although small, we specialise in different areas and are highly passionate in what we do. We are dedicated to going to great lengths to ensure that what we provide is of the highest quality, unique and specialised to all our clients.
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