Bile is a yellowish liquid that is created in the liver. Dogs some times vomit bile out of the blue and this can cause many owners to panic and frantically pick the dogs up for a vet visit. In most cases, vomiting bile is not a concern and shouldn’t be a concern. Many owners think that vomiting bile means that the dogs are hungry. We have boarding guest dogs with us most of the time and from time to time, we see dogs throwing up bile. Most of the time it happens during the first few days of boarding.

Why Do Dogs Vomit Bile?

Does it mean that your dog is hungry? – not necessarily. Dogs is mean that you are not feeding enough? – not necessarily. Dogs throw up because they are anticipating food. We have seen dogs who throw up the moment the hear a refrigerator door open. The dog is not hungry, neither is he getting food. He threw up merely at the sound of the refrigerator door. This is a conditioned reflex. The dog knows and has been conditioned to think that he will get food whenever the refrigerator door opens. The body naturally adjust itself to expect food. When he doesn’t get food, he throws up. Another very common scene is when a dog throws up at a specific timing, everyday between 5 to 6pm. Does it mean he is sick? – oh no, no, no, and NO. The dog is conditioned to react between that time because he is always fed between 5 to 6pm. His body is expecting food.

How do you solve frequent Bile Vomiting?

The easiest way to stop bile vomiting is to adjust the feeding time. Feed your dog at irregular times, this will stop his body from anticipating food and generating excess bile. Feed your dog at your own free time, this helps to up his game at digesting food and also stop bile vomiting AND give you more free time. By irregular, we don’t mean that you have to feed at very different timing everyday. A slight tweak of an hour or even 30 minutes can fix the problem. Another quick way to fix the problem is to offer a small treat. If your dog is vomiting bile every now and then in-between the times that you are not feeding him such as during the day time, offer him some small treats. And by treats we mean just a slice of apple, just a slice of meat, just some training treats and not a whole meal.

Is It Dangerous?

No. It is as simple as that. You don’t need to grab your dog and rush down to the vet each time it happens. In most cases, the dogs are completely healthy. So why spend the time and money to visit the vet? Each time owners bring their dogs to the vet, they expect a problem to be ‘fixed’ by the vet. In order to ‘fix’ the problem, your dog will have to go through tests, get pills, injections and all sorts of unnecessary things. Many vets know how minor many issues are, but they are to ‘fix’ the problems. And in turn, you have a whole lot of pills, creams and what not to ‘fix’ a non existent problem.

However, if your dog has a chronic vomiting issue, and you are certain it is not as simple as just bile, do make a vet visit.

Disclaimer: The above post is entirely based on our knowledge as well as experience. We will not be responsible for any actions taken after reading this post.