Balancing Relationship

In a home where a dog has more than one owner, one of the most commonly seen situation is when the dog sticks to one owner more than the other for various reasons and under different situations. Dogs will naturally seek the person that can provide the best of what it needs during that situation. For example a dog that is fearful, will seek the human that can provide the most amount of security. A newly gone home puppy, will…

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Dog Breeding and Raising

When we decided to breed Krasa, we knew that there would be work to do once the puppies were born. But what we didn’t know is the amount of work there will be. Over the past 16 weeks, we’ve lost count on the amount of time we spent on the puppies, the things we managed to teach them, the exposures they have gotten and the characters they have built. Without a doubt, the amount of work is more than we…

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Dog Hierarchy

With a number of dogs, some times what most people are interested in is, who is the leader of the pack. Within a pack of dogs, a group of humans, a company, a school, any form of organization where more than a handful gathers, there is always a leader and followers. It is no different within our pack of dogs, but at times it can be more complicated and difficult to explain than we’d like. Much like a corporate company,…

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The ‘Safe’ Breed

As more and more people are keeping dogs as pets, less and less people understand the type of dogs they are getting. The common desire to get a certain breed as a pet now relies more than ever, on the look of the dog. The size, the colors, the look, how the ears are, how round the eyes are, how fluffy the butts are. The dog ownership community has evolved through into the infamous quote of “judging the book by…

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Cairn VS Westies

“That’s a black westie!” – one of the most common comment we hear from others. That “black” westie, is also known as the Cairn Terrier. A breed that is not exactly popular in Singapore or anywhere else in the world. Cairn Terriers are in fact, one of the breeds used to ‘create’ the Westies. While most people see the Cairn Terrier as a Westie with a different colour, Cairn Terriers to us, are a whole new level of terrier. Cairn…

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Handstripping FAQ

If you are new to the site, a little background of what we do at WOOGA!. We do handstripping for wired coated dogs and only handstripping. Over the years, we have started getting used to just handstripping dogs that some times we forget that owners may or may not understand what handstripping is. In the past, we make it a point to explain how the coat grows, why handstripping is needed and how to take care of the coat. Overtime,…

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Our Boarding & Daycare

Boarding and Daycare are the first two services that we have on board. Although there are definitely many other awesome boarding and daycare that have been around for a much longer period of time, these two services are where we started off with. To be honest, we seldom, rarely or in fact never were one of the popular ones that dog owners send their dogs to have fun at. We have always been the strict and safe option and we…

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Your dog is NOT hungry

Your dog is not hungry. If you have fed the dog the appropriate amount of food that he needs, your dog is not hungry. We have been accustomed to feeding dogs like they are little food machines. Every time the dog looks at us, we give food. Every time the dog is bored, we give food. Every time we go out, we give food. Every time we see bile, we give food. Little did we know that the more food…

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Chemicals and Toxins

Chemical and Toxins are one of the biggest problems in the whole eco-system. Dogs, our beloved dogs are not spared from this either. From the food we feed them, to the shampoo we use to clean them, to the vaccines we inject to protect them, to the water we feed them, all these contributes to part of their healths. The world we live in is highly polluted. There are some that we are unable to manage and there are some…

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Why Do Dogs Fight? (Opinionated Post)

We’ve been asked many times, too many times in fact – why fights happen. The other question we get asked so often – do your dogs fight among them? (We have 4 strong males, 2 strong females). To be honest, we became lazy and tired of explaining to owners about how dog fights happen and many times rather than educating, we tend to brush the topic off. This post will probably be the only one and the last we will…

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About Us
At WOOGA! we specialise in our 14 days Board & Train program, we also offer services such as Daycare, Boarding, Handstripping and other unique training programs. We are a micro team of two, although small, we specialise in different areas and are highly passionate in what we do. We are dedicated to going to great lengths to ensure that what we provide is of the highest quality, unique and specialised to all our clients.
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