Why don’t westies shed?

A year or two ago, we covered the topic on why handstripping is a very important for grooming the westies. We also explained then that westies do not shed, they need their coat plucked. If you haven’t read the previous post, click here to read, we won’t go into details on the benefits of handstripping in this post. Why do westies not shed? Dogs are the descendants of wolves. Wolves by nature shed twice a year, every sixth monthly. Many…

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OOPS we ‘shocked’ our dogs with the devil tool in dog training, the E-COLLAR

*before reading the rest of the post, we strongly suggest that you read with an open-mind. While we do not want to offend anyone, we also do not care what you think about us. If you would like to learn more about the e-collar and know about our honest views, continue reading. If not, we highly recommend you leave this page.* We recently revamped our website and added Board & Train with e-collars as one of our core services. While…

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Dogs and Manners

People have long known the phrase ‘manners maketh man’ before the Kingsman aired. If Kid-A is a child without manners to elderly, to the environment and to peers, what would you call Kid-A? – a spoilt brat. And who is the cause of the spoilt brat? – none other than the parents. Similarly, who is the cause of a dog without manners? – the owners. Dogs learn a big bulk of their manners from their parents and their peers. After…

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Time is Everything

Many of us have experienced the time accuracy in a dog’s mind. If you sleep with your dog on the bed, you probably have been woken up by him at the same time every single day.

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Power of the Pack – key players

In the last post, we talk about in every strong dog pack, there is bound to be 1-2 confident, calm, balanced dog and a leader. In our opinion, these ‘top’ dogs and the leader are what makes the whole pack strong, great and amazing.

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Power of the Pack

When a group of dogs come together, people can refer to the group as a pack of dogs. There is however, a difference between a pack of dogs and a dog pack.

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Polite Off Leash Pointers

One of the most raved about “trick” or things dogs can do is being able to be off leash. Many owners including us, are immensely happy when our dogs can be off leashed.

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Basic Skin & Body Care Regime

How often do you shower your dog?How do you clean their paws after walk?How do you make sure that they are clean?Over time, these are the questions that we get the most from fellow and new westie owners.

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The Dog Relationship

We all become dog owners one way or another firstly for our own personal reasons. Some of us get a dog for companion, some for protection, some for a healthier lifestyle, others as a replacement to kids.

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Properly Socialising a Dog

Many times we see dogs that snaps or growls at another dog, we run off to the other corner telling other owners that particular dog is not friendly, not sociable. As owners, many of us fail to read situations correctly and we fail to properly socialise our dogs.

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