Is Crating Necessary?

“Why do you put your dogs in the crate?” – We get this question all too often. Our dogs eat in the crates and they sleep in the crates. They also go in the crates when there are too many distractions in the environment that we have no control over.

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Bile and what it means

Bile is a yellowish liquid that is created in the liver. Dogs some times vomit bile out of the blue and this can cause many owners to panic and frantically pick the dogs up for a vet visit. In most cases, vomiting bile is not a concern and shouldn’t be a concern.

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The Ideal Dog Owner

What is an ideal dog owner? – While one may say that the ideal dog owner is one that is this and one that is that, the ideal dog owner to us, is someone who is willing to learn, listen, try and willing to provide a stable lifestyle to the dog.

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To fight or To Flight

In our small little city, we lack the vast greenland for our dogs to run about and exercise. The most common thing that we do and can do for our dogs is going for gatherings and attending parties.

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Immune System

Everybody knows that a strong and healthy immune system is the key to a happy lifestyle. Often, people ask, what do you feed your dog to keep it healthy? Of all the answers we heard, 80% of them are of certain supplements.

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Is Your Puppy From A Responsible Breeder?

Often when we look at a cute puppy, we resort to love-at-first-sight, fate, or chance to whether we would like to bring the puppy home. However, breeding is a far more important job than producing cute puppies after puppies. Improper breeding or breeding for secondary benefits in the long run results in unwanted puppies and unhealthy puppies. Therefore, if one is indeed interested in owning a certain breed, a good and responsible breeder is the key to having a good…

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Paws, Paws, Paws

A dog’s paws are one of the most crucial parts of its body. From a dog’s paws, you can tell what kind of terrain the dog walks on frequently. From a dog’s paws, you can tell if the dog has excessive amount of fungi and bacteria. From a dog’s paws, you can tell whether the dog has a good genetic pigmentation. ∂ TERRAINS The paw pads are made up of mainly fatty tissues to protect the dog form extreme temperature.…

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Sparing the Hormones

Most people know that we are not a big fan of sterilising dogs. Our reason is fairly simple, with hormones intact, dogs can grow properly (in terms of joints and anatomies) and studies have shown that sterilising provides not only pros but a list cons as well. If you haven’t read our first post about sterilisation, click here: POST However, we also believe that full sterilisation can help a lot of dogs and first time owners in terms of the…

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