Necessities before Luxury

It is part of our human nature to want to spoil and pamper our dogs, to provide them with the best of what we can. Many of us work long office hours of 9-5, 5 days a week, and we often try to compensate our dogs with luxury gifts. Not many of us realise that what they need and what we think they need can be very different, and fulfilling what they need VS what we think they need can…

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How To Feed Raw?

Raw feeding, although not a new topic to many dog owners outside of Singapore, it is still relatively a new concept of pet feeding in Singapore. More and more owners begin to switch their dogs to raw diet, but the number of owners who prepare their own raw diet remains very little. And those who do not feed their dogs raw, thinks that raw feeding is too expensive. Feeding Commercially Prepared Raw can indeed cause a big hole in your…

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The Neglected Nutrient, WATER

As with humans, water is the substance of life for dogs. proximately 60 percent of a dog’s body is made up of water. Water makes up a big part of Brain, muscles and blood.Most of us often do not refer water as a nutrient like protein, vitamin and minerals. However, water is considered an essential nutrient because it is required in large amount and these amounts are which our dogs’ bodies cannot produce. They need to take in new water…

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High Intensity Workout

‘One day I have my dog by my side as I cycle around Singapore’ – trust that we are not the only ones with such thoughts in our minds! Cycling, jogging, inline skating with dogs are all considered part of high intensity workout. It drains their energies rapidly and it gives those muscles a good round of workout. While everyone has different reasons and agenda, the most common reason to bring your dog on an high intensity workout will be…

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Commercial Raw VS D.I.Y Raw

Pet owners are often in a dilemma when deciding whether to feed commercial raw food or to prepare raw diet for their pets. We have never been able to recommend a commercial raw brand available locally for other pet owners. When asked why, our answer is always, if we don’t feed it we can’t recommend it. Below we list some of our concerns with both types of raw feeding and again, we urge you to read with an open mind.…

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All for Protein

The recent topic about dog’s diet revolves around protein levels. In the past, most people stick to a low protein diet once their dogs get older as recommended by vets as a high protein content will increase damage caused to liver. Recently more and more articles came out stating that a high protein content for dogs is not entirely bad and it might be even useful for dogs. How high is too high? And is high protein really the way…

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Wrapping up 2015

As the year comes to an end, we thought we’d write a little about how WOOGA!‘s year went by. 2015 has indeed been a rollercoaster ride for us with many ups and downs. While we wished that they were all ups, we couldn’t be more thankful for all that has happened. For the past few years, we focused only on boarding and daycare. It wasn’t till 2015 that we decided to make a big move by bringing in some of…

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WESTIES the wooga way

There are unlimited ways to raise a dog, each and every one of us do it in our own way. Here, we talk only about what are WESTIES to us and how we choose to raise them. Everything mentioned hereafter will be based solely on our own opinion and experiences and we urge that you read with an open mind. To us, the West Highland Terrier is a very unique breed and it takes a certain amount of knowledge or…

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The well-behaved and well-trained

Dogs are instinctual animals, humans on the other hand are very often emotional. And many times, many owners do not understand their dogs’ body language and energy. Many dog owners tend to blame an issue that their dogs have and pass it off as the dogs’ personalities. Some dogs like to spend their days sleeping, lazing around, while others like to play with toys, run around and enjoy outdoor activities. These, are the personality and energy levels of dogs. However…

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Chicken for Dogs?

Chicken is one of the main protein that almost every dog owner tries to avoid. The word chicken is widely linked to a string of allergies. But is really chicken the main problem? Chicken, just like Turkey, Quails, Fowls belongs to the poultry group. The main problem with this group of protein is that hormones are often injected so that they grow faster. Poultries’ lifespan is considerably shorter than other meat groups. Hormones injections are often used so that these…

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