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Board and Train is a 2 weeks program that guarantees a number of obedience commands with the use of the revolutionary tool, e-collar. We use low level e-collar that allows us to communicate with dogs clearly and effectively, creating confident and stress-free dogs.

We recognise that all owners want a good dog but little have the time to invest in training their own dogs. This program allows us to work exclusively with your dog on their behavioural problems through everyday training, obedience and creating a solid foundation with a high level of precision. Spending the day and night with us, this program allows us to solve problems such as anxiety, nervousness, leash reactivity, lack of confidence, destructive behaviours and many others including manners and socialisation with dogs and people.

In BOARD AND TRAIN, we address unwanted behaviours and cover basic commands such as:

  • Sit Stay
  • Down Stay
  • Loose leash walking
  • Come on command / Recall
  • Meal Manners
  • Greeting Manners
  • Door Manners
  • Crate Training
  • Place

All behaviours are taught with high-level distraction proofing. At the completion of the program, owners will be provided with 2.5 hour of one-on-one sessions; one 90minute session and one 60minute session for us to transfer all the information, techniques and strategies on what your dog has learnt and how to continue success from then on. Check out our training videos to see what can be accomplished during Board & Train with the right training techniques.

+ Board & Train uses e-collar. Price does not include e-collar
**It is important to inform us of all problems and concerns before the start of the program so that we can plan and strategise the best program for your dog. Hiding any information will not do you or your dog any good.**

2 weeks Board And Train Program – $3640

Click here to view training videos.


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WOOGA! offers Boarding, Daycare, Training, Hand-stripping and others. We are a micro team of two, although small, we specialise in different areas and are highly passionate in what we do. We are dedicated in going great lengths to ensure what we provide is of the highest quality and specialised to all our clients.
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