Boarding and Daycare are the first two services that we have on board. Although there are definitely many other awesome boarding and daycare that have been around for a much longer period of time, these two services are where we started off with. To be honest, we seldom, rarely or in fact never were one of the popular ones that dog owners send their dogs to have fun at. We have always been the strict and safe option and we have good reasons for that.

How we operate and how we take care of boarding and daycare dogs is exactly how we take care of our own dogs.

Every owner that has her dog with us knows that there are ground rules. One of the first thing that we tell owners is that, dogs will not have endless fun here but they will enjoy being at our place, with us and with other dogs. Rough playing, running and dashing of course are out of question. While rough playing, running and dashing around the apartment may be mindless fun, it is extremely dangerous and can cause many different kind of accidents. Humping for whatever reason and pinning of another dog is never allowed. Needless to say, these are extremely rude, redundant and dangerous. Dogs are allowed to roam when there is 100% supervision, otherwise they are separated according to their temperaments, active levels and genders. Fun with regards to high speed actions should be done outdoors for safety reasons both on the dog’s joints and space pressure between dogs.  Long walk is something that is mandatory with us for dogs that are good on leash. We stress often that leash works are extremely important for dogs, not only because they get to go on longer walks but because bad leash works will only get worse in pack walks without proper correction and honestly, a handler has more than enough to handle during pack walks than to correct a single dog that may mess up the whole pack. Basically in a nutshell, this is how WOOGA! operates, to remind you, this is also how we raise our own dogs. Boring, you might think. But these little rules are more mental stimulations for your dog that you can imagine.

Instead of sugar coating how fun boarding and daycare will be for your dog, lets be honest, fun is going to be the least of your worries if your dog gets hurt or if your dog learns a string of bad habits. We are beyond the era of whereby a dog running around crazily all day is being happy. By now we believe most owners have come to terms and have explored enough dog psychology to know that a calm and relax dog in a good environment is a happy dog. As such, ground rules are extremely important. They help to regulate the environment, keep the dogs calm and make sure that all the dogs are safe.