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Our apartment is approximately 1600 sq feet. Our priority is to maintain a calm, relaxed and structured environment for all dogs. Interactions are supervised at all times to ensure safety in the midst of fun. A happy, relaxed and comfortable guest dog is what we aim for at all times. We accept a small number of guests each time to ensure that every guest is well taken care of and receives enough deserved attention. Taking pride in the safety and hygiene of our premises, we sanitised all areas daily. Healthy guests are highly encouraged to go on walks with us twice a day, this helps to keep them mentally and physically stimulated. A morning walk is always the first thing we do with all dogs.

Interactions and play times are monitored to prevent and minimise any undesired behaviour or accidents. During boarding/daycare, no training or behavioural modification will be included. Every dog is trained differently and it is our responsibility to make sure that they are safe, sound and go home in the same condition as when they arrived. Caretaking instructions will be followed closely and to the best of our ability.

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Daycare: $50 | $55 | $60
Boarding: $65 | $70 | $75




About Us
At WOOGA! we specialise in our 14 days Board & Train program, we also offer services such as Daycare, Boarding, Handstripping and other unique training programs. We are a micro team of two, although small, we specialise in different areas and are highly passionate in what we do. We are dedicated to going to great lengths to ensure that what we provide is of the highest quality, unique and specialised to all our clients.
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