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When our training graduates go home to their owners, they are always accompanied with a carefully written document regarding their training progress and how to continue success. One of the most comment phrase we include is – each walk does not have to be long, but it has to be right. Most understand this well, that walks do not need to be very long for it to be beneficial, it has to be done properly to be beneficial. Long walks,…

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Is It All About Training?

One of the few things that came to mind recently is the increase in the number of people seeking training for their dogs and the number of people prioritising training over everything else. This is a good sign for us and for the overall dog community. More dogs to train, more trained dogs, better dogs owners, lesser problems. However, we can’t help but feel that the main objective and most important purpose are often missed out and overlooked. The over…

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It’s the Breed, NOT!

“It’s the breed”, is something that we hear all so often when dogs messed up, screwed up, have bad behaviours, do ‘naughty’/’bad’ thing, is ‘stubborn’. There is a vast difference between a breed characteristic and bad behaviour. Just because a dog is a certain breed, that doesn’t and shouldn’t entitle your dog to get a free pass to bad behaviours. Bad behaviours come from bad management and bad training, period. Owners some times confuse bad behaviours with breed traits. Behaviours…

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The word Reactivity is often referred to negative reaction from a dog to a stimulus. By definition, reactivity simply means the degree to which something is reactive. Dog barking, lunging, growling, snapping, displaying fear, fighting, flighting are all part of the Reactive category in the dog world. A dog barking at other dogs would be a classic example of a dog displaying reactivity. On the other end of the spectrum, a dog cowering when approached is also considered a dog…

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A Dog That Wants Me

Most people have this perfect vision in their minds before they get a dog. A dog that is loyal, fun, to travel anywhere with, to spend happy moments, sad days with and one to communicate with. This perfect vision quickly comes apart when the human realises when she has no control over the dog, she can’t bring the dog anywhere, there is nothing more stressful than walking the dog. The dog simultaneously realises the human is not going to protect…

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More Than A Heel

Every now and then there are people asking whether we can train their dog just to do the off leash heel because their dog is perfect every other way. We know that the off leash heel is probably the most attention catching part of the videos that we create with the dogs that we train. We know that very well and that is what most people want, they want the dogs to look cool walking beside without a leash. When…

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Interest Groups

Often, it is hard for owners to relate to the concept that dogs learn from each other and the dogs that your dog hangs out with, will play a role in what kind of dog your dog becomes. Perhaps it is easier to relate if we translate that into human terms. There are tons of interest groups out there. Cycling group, Taekwondo group, Hiking group, drinking group, star-gazing group. Every group has a different focus point. If you join a…

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Fixability VS Manageability

There is a fine line between the fixability and manageability of every dog issue. Whether an issue is permanently fixable, temporarily fixable, permanently manageable or temporarily manageable depends on a lot of factors. These factors includes not only the history of the issue, the size of the issue and the frequency of the issue, but also the history of the dog, the breed of the dog, the character of the dog and the owner. As with all problems, illnesses, issues,…

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Current Common Issues

There are always a number of common issues that owners face with their dogs. These common issues easily range from the despicable skin problems to aggression issues. What is behind these issues can be many reasonings, a lot of whys and hows but most importantly, a lot of small little points that owners do not or rarely realise. Ever-changing Trends  In the past, owning a dog is much simpler due to the fact that there weren’t many choices. There weren’t…

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A proper walk with your dog

“Going on daily walks can have amazing benefits for both you and your dog. Regardless of size or breed, every dog requires daily exercise to stay healthy. Their human owners also require activity to maintain physical and mental health. Walking is a win-win solution for the dog-owner connection.” – Sitstaygoco   Walking your dog has numerous benefits that can’t be denied. With just a random search on Google, there has been little to none disadvantage about walking your dog. Walking…

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