Chemical and Toxins are one of the biggest problems in the whole eco-system. Dogs, our beloved dogs are not spared from this either. From the food we feed them, to the shampoo we use to clean them, to the vaccines we inject to protect them, to the water we feed them, all these contributes to part of their healths.

The world we live in is highly polluted. There are some that we are unable to manage and there are some that we can do a part in keeping our dogs healthier. The easiest and most important way to start is to feed our dogs a clean and healthy diet with no additional chemicals, preservatives and unwanted enhancers. Diet plays a huge role in our dogs’ lives. The products that we use on our dogs is the next of we can do to help improve their healths. From the fleas & tick prevention, to the shampoos, to the wound care products to the vaccinations and heart worm preventions, to house cleaning products. Opt for products and remedies that are natural and non-invasive.┬áDiet and direct applications are the simplest and easiest way to begin. Beside these two, there are a couple more that we often missed out.

Water is one of the most important nutrition. Many dogs do not drink enough water. The type of water you and your dog drinks, makes a difference too. Ensuring that your dog drinks enough water is vital. Water allows your dog’s body to function properly. Providing your dog with clean water also helps to keep chemicals away from it’s body. More than often, water that comes out from the tap have been treated with chemicals, although safe to drink, is not ideal for health.

Every one knows that a dog’s sense of smell is one of it’s strongest trait. But little realise that the smells that we have around our dogs, affect them. Not only are dogs smelling what we use in the house, what we use on our bodies, what we use to clean the furnitures, they are literally in direct contact with smells. Smells travel by molecules. These molecules fall to the found under the influence of gravity. And our dogs who walk without shoes, lies on the floor to sleep and rub their faces after meal time, are in direct contact of these molecules. The perfume that we wear to work, the air fresheners that we use to give the house a nice smell, the┬ácortisol that we produce at times of stress, all these directly and indirectly affect the dogs. Have you met a dog that smells just like the owner’s perfume? – Choose a more natural way to freshen yourself and your home.

Stress is something that is often overlooked and mistaken as excitement and some times even happiness. Stress releases cortisol. Elevated cortisol produces glucose. Too much stress, too much cortisol constantly produce glucose which leads to a chain of health problems including cancer. While it is impossible to fully remove stress from our dogs’ lives, creating a minimal stress environment and teaching your dog to handle stressful situations when exposed will help tremendously. Create a stress-free environment for your dog by being aware of your dog’s surroundings and needs. Expose your dog gradually to many different situations, teach and train your dog on how to handle each situation calmly and build your dog’s confidence and desired behaviour. Each behavioural issue is a stress point to your dog, the quicker you fix and manage the issue, the more stress free your dog is.

Though many of these may seem like just a small part of our dogs’ lives and healths, they are in fact the biggest core to their health and the ticket to a healthy, stress-free, strong dog. All these all little things add up and accumulate. There is no better way to prevention than a strong, healthy immune system.