+ Do you accept non-sterilized dog?

Yes, we do welcome dog that is not sterilized.

+Are you open to mixing and matching of the different services?

Yes, please contact us, so that we can come up with the best arrangement for your beloved companion.

+Will there always be dogs as companions to my pet?

Not all of the dogs will be around all the time. If your pet requires dogs as companions, please inform us beforehand, we will make sure at least 1 of them is around to keep your dog company.

+What are the check-in/check-out time of boarding?

Our boarding check-in/check-out runs from 12pm to 7pm. Any extensions or timings outside these timings are subjected to extra charges, unless otherwise stated.

+When do I need to pay for the charges?

-All slots for daycare and boarding will only be reserved when we receive a 20% deposit before the boarding/daycare period.

-Full payment is required on or before the start of service. We seek your understanding in this matter.

*There will be no refund for the 20% deposit upon cancellation.
*All payments are final, no refund will be issued.

+Is your apartment spacious enough for my dogs to roam around?

Yes. Our executive HDB apartment of 6 rooms definitely has ample space for our guest dog to roam or even run around.

+Can I view the place?

Viewing of the place will be strictly by appointment.

+How is the assessment/introduction session done?

We will not allow owners to enter the apartment together with their pets for the first time so as to have a fair assessment to the guests as most dogs will react differently when their owners are around. Hence, we will assess your dog alone first before inviting the owner up to our apartment. We seek your kind understanding in our effort to maintain all guests’ well being.

+Will you bring my companion for grooming?

We can arrange grooming sessions for your companions during their stay. If you have your own groomer that you wish to visit, please inform us. Otherwise, we will also be able to recommend the groomers that we trust.

+Will you bathe my dog?

For boarding of more than 7nights a complimentary bath session will be carried out before checking out of boarding. At any point of time if we feel that your companion needs a bath, we will carry out the bath session and is chargable at $10.

+What if my dog requires veterinary treatment during their time in Wooga?

All companions who need veterinary treatment during stay will be visiting our regular vet unless otherwise stated by owner. All fees including transportation to be bear by owner.

+What if my dog is not prevented against fleas and ticks?

All dogs have to be protected against fleas and ticks before coming over to WOOGA! Owners can also provide us with any form of fleas and ticks protection and we will apply it for them.

Terms & conditions

WOOGA! reserves the right to reject any canines that we feel are unfit to join our boarding/daycare sessions. We will not be responsible for any allergic reactions to anything that has not been mentioned to us before boarding date.

While in boarding/daycare, your dog will commingle with other dogs (unless separation has been requested). Because of the nature of commingle, they may get unforeseen minor injuries during play. WOOGA! is not responsible for such injures, although we do our best to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for all our guests. In WOOGA!, fighting, mounting or other inappropriate behaviors are not allowed and we stop such behaviors on sight.

We would like you to know that we do our best to keep all our guests in our care as healthy and happy as possible.