A large number of terriers have two set of coats, the soft undercoat, and the wired top coat and are generally non-shedding dogs. Hand-stripping is a process whereby the dead coat is being pulled out either by hand or by a stripping knife. This process stimulates the follicles and allows for a new wire coat to grow, maintaining the colour and the texture of the coat.

Is Hand-stripping painful?

Hand-stripping is often considered as cruel or inhumane as it is commonly thought to be painful to the dog. However, the truth is quite the contrary when done properly. Terriers were once bred to go underground and through thick bushes to hunt. Their coat is designed to be tugged out easily should the dog be grabbed by its prey during a hunt. Simply putting it, a wire coat of the right texture acts as an armour to protect the dog. It also helps to repel dirt, dust and external pollutants.

Dogs that have been clipped can sometimes feel uncomfortable or uneasy during their first hand-stripping session. However as nature intended, the more hand-stripping done, the tougher the coat becomes.

How we strip?
We take only a small number of appointments each day so that we can concentrate and do a proper job for each dog. We groom one dog at a time, your dog will be entitled to the whole grooming room without distractions from other dogs or humans. Every dog that comes in will be stripped properly from the head to toe to ensure a proper coat growth.

Before grooming, you will be informed of the estimated time required for the session. You will also be informed immediately after the session has ended.

We do not so daycare at the grooming premises. In the best interest of all dogs, you are advise to pick up within 30minutes after being informed.

How we charge?
Each session starts at $120. If your dog is heavily matted or has heavily overblown coat, additional costs will be incurred. Regular handstripping is recommended to keep the skin and coat healthy.

Handstripping done purely using fingers will no longer be available to new customers. However, if you believe that your dog has and need a reason to be strip purely using fingers, feel free to discuss this with us.
Ears cleaning, nails cutting and showering will be perform when necessary.

Where do we groom?
At our own apartment located at AMK.

How often should I groom my dog?
We recommend handstripping every 4-6 weeks depending on the type of results that you are trying to achieve and the growing speed of your dog’s coat. Please remember that the more the coat is being stripped, the more the coat grows.

If you only send your dog in for grooming every few months when the coat is overgrown, it will also take hours to remove all the overgrown coat. Your dog may look like a ‘plucked chicken’ for a few good weeks because there are no new coat underneath all the overgrown coat.

What do we use for showering?
Little Beast Organic Soap Bar. We have found that this is the only shampoo that maintains the kind of coat texture the best and its the same for the other breeds. The Soap bar is made up of only organic and natural ingredients. It manages to keep our dogs’ coat harsh and very close to it’s original texture and it has also managed to keep soft coated dogs’ coat soft and fluffy.

Up-keeping of coat
The coat care of each dog is different depending on what the owner wants to achieve with that dog. Hand-stripping can keep the coat and skin healthy. It is however impossible to achieve a coat texture and quality of a proper show westie unless one puts in effort to maintain the coat in the proper way. It is advisable to speak to us before grooming to let us know what kind of results you want to achieve on your dog.

Where did we learn from?
Since the day that we have travelled to a master groomer’s West Highland Kennel in Hungary to learn hand-stripping, we have been receiving constant advice and help from her for over 2 years now. She has guided us towards the proper stripping techniques and the proper show grooming and preparations for West Highland Terriers. She is still giving us advices and her genuine opinions as and when needed.

In the late 2014, we have completed an advance hand-stripping course and a West Highland Terrier Show Preparation course in one of the oldest West Highland Kennel in the UK.

In November 2015, we are certified by the Master Groomer from Europe, who is the groomer of both World Winners in World Dog Show 2015 in Milan under Special Education system in Europe and legalised to teach and groom in Europe.

Read more about our post regarding hand-stripping FAQ here.

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