We specialise in hand-stripping for rough/harsh coated dogs. A large number of terriers have two set of coats, the soft undercoat and the wired top coat. As non-shedding dogs, hand-stripping helps to remove dead coat and allows for a new set of coat to grow in. This process is non painful and stimulates the follicles and help to maintain the colour and texture of the coat.

Hand-stripping may be slightly uncomfortable for puppies or first time dogs. However, when done correctly, it is not painful and can be quite soothing to the dogs. Rough/harsh coat act as an armour to help protect dogs form dirt, dust, external pollutants and some times injuries.

We accept only a small number of appointments each day. Hand-Stripping takes a lot of energy and effort, by keeping the appointments limited, it allows us to concentrate on solely your dog without any distractions from other dogs. Every dog will be properly stripped from head to toe to ensure a proper coat re-growth. Before grooming, you will be informed of the estimated time required for the session and you will also be informed immediately after the session. We do not do daycare at the grooming premises. In the best interests of all dogs, you are advised to pick up your dog within 30minutes.

We recommend handstripping every 4-6 weeks depending on the type of results that you are trying to achieve and the growing speed of your dog’s coat. Please remember that the more the coat is being stripped, the more the coat grows.
If you only send your dog in for grooming every few months when the coat is overgrown, it will also take hours to remove all the overgrown coat. Your dog may look like a ‘plucked chicken’ for a few good weeks because there are no new coat underneath all the overgrown coat.

Little Beast Organic Soap Bar. We have found that this is the only shampoo that maintains the kind of coat texture the best and its the same for the other breeds. The Soap bar is made up of only organic and natural ingredients. It manages to keep our dogs’ coat harsh and very close to it’s original texture and it has also managed to keep soft coated dogs’ coat soft and fluffy.

Many years ago we travelled to a master groomer’s West Highland Kennel in Europe to learn hand-stripping, we have been receiving constant advice and help from her. She has guided us towards the proper stripping techniques and the proper show grooming and preparations for West Highland Terriers. She is still giving us advices and her genuine opinions as and when needed.

We have completed an advance hand-stripping course and a West Highland Terrier Show Preparation course in one of the oldest West Highland Kennel in the UK in 2014. In November 2015, we are certified by a Master Groomer from Europe, who is the groomer of both World Winners in World Dog Show 2015 in Milan and multiple Best In Show dogs, under Special Education system in Europe and legalised to teach and groom in Europe.
We are also certified by the Singapore Kennel Club and have been awarded Technical Award in 2016. In 2017, we have further completed a course specialising in the grooming of West Highland Terrier from a Russian Master Groomer.

This makes us the most proficient in the grooming of West Highland Terriers.

From $120. If your dog is heavily matted or has a fully blown coat, additional cost may be incurred.

To make an appointment, kindly PM us on Facebook.

*please have a look through on the FAQ for Handstripping*

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