How we do



We respect the fact that everyone feeds their pets the best that they can based on their own choices made.  

Here in WOOGA!, we feed our own gang raw food. Our gang members are on 100% raw diet, with absolutely no grains, no soy, no wheat. We believe that they thrive the best with food that they will eat in the wild. Dogs hunt in the wild, they have canines that are built to tear meat and chew up bones and are selective carnivores. By matching their dietary needs close to what they will get in the wild, we provide a balanced diet of 80% meat, 10% bones and 10% offals. Nothing more, nothing less. We believe in having no chemicals in their systems.  

* No animals (except the humans) cook their food.



All dogs need to exercise. We provide a variety of exercises to guest dogs and our own gang. We walk our guests and gang twice a day without compromising. We believe that daily structured walks are essential to keep them focused and allows them to spend their energy in a positive way. From time to time, we kick things up a notch and bring guests cycling, frisbees, jogging or just some fun time running and exploring in the field.

We are currently one of the few/the only one with a lure coursing machine in Singapore. We believe that lure coursing allows dogs to release pent up energies and it fulfills the needs of certain breeds. It is an extremely good way to exercise dogs, building their muscles and most importantly, it is extremely fun to them!

Check out how our gang do in their lure coursing session here.



We use natural remedies as opposed to chemical medications as far as possible. From wounds to stomach upsets, we treat it with chemical-free remedies. We choose to pack our first aid and supplement kit with medications made from herbs and all natural products.