Individual Gradual Exposure

Individual Gradual Exposure is an one hour session where we bring your dog out on an one hour trip to get expose to the stimulus and distractions that you want and your dog needs. During Individual Gradual Exposure, your dog will be subtly and gradually be exposed in layers that will best benefit your dog. Each session is catered to your dog and you, you can choose either to have your dog walk pass the distractions, exposures or stay still.

Exposure category

  • Sound
  • Large/flying object
  • Wheeled objects
  • Crowd and traffic

(1 per package unless dog excels and no longer need proofing)

Who will this benefit?
The Individual Gradual Exposure will greatly benefit dogs who are fearful, underexposed, need confident boost, reactive and puppies. Owners who do not know how to properly layer and conduct exposures will also benefit greatly from this.

How does this work?
Let us know about your dog and what you are looking to achieve. With your approval, we will fix the most appropriate exposure that your dog needs. Similar to dog walking, we will bring your dog out, but instead of simply just walking, we layer exposures carefully.

Is this a form of training?
No, Individual Gradual Exposure is set out to help dogs and owners learn and get used to exposures, distractions and eventually be more confident in the areas that they are lacking. We will not be using any commands and there will be no training done. Our role here is to open up and create leverage for you with those stimulus so that your dog learns to be more comfortable around what they are afraid or unsure of.

Initial session with assessment: $140
Package of 4 sessions: $480

About Us
At WOOGA! we specialise in our 14 days Board & Train program, we also offer services such as Daycare, Boarding, Handstripping and other unique training programs. We are a micro team of two, although small, we specialise in different areas and are highly passionate in what we do. We are dedicated to going to great lengths to ensure that what we provide is of the highest quality, unique and specialised to all our clients.
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