“It’s the breed”, is something that we hear all so often when dogs messed up, screwed up, have bad behaviours, do ‘naughty’/’bad’ thing, is ‘stubborn’. There is a vast difference between a breed characteristic and bad behaviour. Just because a dog is a certain breed, that doesn’t and shouldn’t entitle your dog to get a free pass to bad behaviours. Bad behaviours come from bad management and bad training, period.

Owners some times confuse bad behaviours with breed traits. Behaviours such as growling, initiating fights, snapping, random peeing/pooping, biting, running away, have nothing to do with breed traits. These are solely bad behaviours, bad management, bad excuses.

Every breed has its own characteristics. Certain breeds are harder to train because that are not originally bred to work with humans, that doesn’t entitle the dogs free passes to ‘stubborn’, sloppy or shitty behaviours. Certain breeds are a little more nervy and jumpy, that doesn’t entitle the dogs to free passes to running away, escaping, flighting. Certain breeds are higher in drives, that doesn’t entitle the dogs to go around chasing, stalking, killing other small animals.¬†When speaking about breed characteristics, what one needs to understand is, that particularly breed is more likely or has more tendency to display a certain kind of behaviour or a certain type of drives than other breeds. Thats really all it is. For example, a Golden Retriever is more likely to have a soft bite compared to a Belgian Malinois, but that doesn’t mean you cannot train a Malinois to have a soft bite, and that certain does not give the Malinois a free pass to bite any human just because the breed is bred to bite. Another example would be that a terrier is more likely to chase a live prey such as a cat or rabbit than a poodle, but that does not mean that the terrier should be allowed to terrorise any small animals. A Singapore Special is more likely to be skittish and nervy compared to a Labrador, that does not mean that the Singapore Special should not be trained to be off leash reliable and cannot be friendly like a Labrador.

Tendency to display certain traits should always be taken with a pinch of salt. Putting a heavy reliance and pushing all bad behaviours to breed traits is purely avoidance in training and shunning of responsibilties. It’s not the breed, it’s YOU.