*before reading the rest of the post, we strongly suggest that you read with an open-mind. While we do not want to offend anyone, we also do not care what you think about us. If you would like to learn more about the e-collar and know about our honest views, continue reading. If not, we highly recommend you leave this page.*

We recently revamped our website and added Board & Train with e-collars as one of our core services. While there are many curious owners who are keen to know more, there are also a handful of people who are in disapproval and highly offended by what we do. What do we do? – we use e-collar or also known as the remote collar to train a dog to be reliable on obedience commands and reliable when off leashed.

The e-collar sends a stimulation to the dog when the button is being pressed. And as such, many people also call it the ‘shock’ collar. It is a tool for dog training, just like the prong collar, a slip lead and treats.

If you have no prior knowledge about the tool, calling it the ‘shock’ collar is somewhat forgivable. If you are a seasoned dog trainer who has been in this field long enough and you knowingly call it the ‘shock’ collar, it just shows how narrow-minded and ignorant you are. A high quality e-collar has an enormous range of stimulation. Have you ever felt a static shock? – if yes then imagine 1/10 of that or less. That is how an e-collar feels like. We make sure all our clients feel it before their dogs start training and we highly encourage everyone to try it. None of those who did have said that it hurt in any way.

E-collar is just another dog training tool. There is no absolute right and wrong in the using of any tools, there is also no denying that every dog is different and they all have different needs. Every trainer and owner is also different and they have different preferences.

We prefer to teach our dogs and all our clients dogs that every choice they make comes with a consequence whether it is a good consequence or a bad consequence. And the reason for that is that the world is brutal and if you want your dog to have freedom outside your home and outside of the dog park, your dog must first know how to manoeuvre around the world safely and you need to sufficiently prepare and expose them for that. Just like when you do illegal parking, you get a fine, that is a consequence you have to pay, rules apply in both human and dog world. A dam corrects a puppy physically and that how she teaches her puppy to learn rules and boundaries. (If anyone of you have seen a dam not using physical corrections to teach the puppies, let us know. We are more than happy to meet that dam and see the puppies she raised.)
In this brutal world, there are people who hates dogs, kids who will come running, screaming, grabbing at your dog, strangers’ dogs who are aggressive, cars that will run into your dog if you cannot get him back in time. Unless you teach them the consequences behind their actions, they are not safe. The way we see it, it is better to be safe than sorry. A little gentle stimulation can build a strong imprint of the command in your dog and with that you can have a dog who knows the in-and-out around this world.

The biggest misconception is that the e-collar hurts the dog and it shuts the dog down. In every profession, there will be some bad apples, there’s no denying. There will be people who misuse the tools or use them without knowledge and in turn, it hurts the dog. There are bad apples in e-collar trainers, likewise there are also bad apples in positive reinforcement trainers. If you ask us if it hurts the dogs, of course it does if you don’t use it correctly. But for your own reference, don’t take it from us, take it from our dogs. Are any of them sad, unhappy, scared or look like they have been hurt or tortured? – there you have your answer.

Like we mentioned above, there are no absolute right or wrong with any tools or methods as long as the dog stays confident and happy and as long as your training method is successful. We urge everyone to be open-minded and willing enough to learn about different methods, tools and philosophies behind different trainings. It will allow you to make better choices for your dogs and as trainers it will benefit your own trainings and knowledge bank. If you do not wish to know or learn about the e-collar because you believe that it is a horrible tool, the choice is yours. However, do yourself a favour, refrain from making negative comments or pass judgement on something you have no knowledge of and refuse to learn about. Successful trainers produce good dogs with good results and have little to no time to engage in your negativity. Egoists are no help to the dog society, we need to be supporting each other and learning as much as we can so that our dogs can best benefit from us. If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say nothing at all.