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We believe that how one raises her dogs will contribute greatly to the dogs’ healths, personalities and manners. We believe in feeding our own gang raw food, give them plenty of exercises, games and using natural remedies to help them recover from minor illnesses. We like to keep our dogs “chemical free” by refraining from using too many chemically produced products. From feeding to cleaning to treating, mother nature has got us covered.

Do take a little time to browse through our website, learn a little bit more about us. If you find that we have something that interests you, please do not hesitate to contact us.

About Us
WOOGA! offers Boarding, Daycare, Training, Hand-stripping and others. We are a micro team of two, although small, we specialise in different areas and are highly passionate in what we do. We are dedicated in going great lengths to ensure what we provide is of the highest quality and specialised to all our clients.
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