When a group of dogs come together, people can refer to the group as a pack of dogs. There is however, a difference between a pack of dogs and a dog pack. You simply cannot place multiple dogs in an open field and call them a dog pack. A dog pack is a like a sacred term. Whether a human-dog pack or a dog-dog pack, all the members have to come together as one. When you have multiple dogs in an open field with different owners, you cannot refer to them as a pack. All these dogs are raised differently and are taught with different rules and values. They are individuals and perhaps in a pack with their owners. Multiple dogs roaming around in the same space does not make a pack.

In every dog pack, there has to be one leader. Whether a human leader or a dog leader, one has to be leading the pack and deciding on what to do, what not to do. With a confused leader, comes a confused pack and a separated pack. There is no rule as to how many is needed to form a pack. It can be that there is only 1 human and 1 dog and they form a perfect pack. What’s special about having a pack is that once you form a strong pack, there can be so many advantages.

One of the most amazing advantage of a good pack is you never ever have to teach off leash deliberately. You don’t have to offer toys, treats, food, your extremely high pitch voice to get their attention. Why? – Because dogs are social animals. They crave to be in a pack. When a dog have a good pack drive, they naturally wants to be in a pack, a good pack. When they are in a good pack, they will have zero intention to run away from that pack. In our humble opinion, pack drive is inbuilt, most dogs come with a certain level of pack drive, and with a good leader around, they naturally want to fit in. A good pack can also help fearful dogs, skittish dogs and many dogs with other issues find balance in them. They can help to balance the dog inside and out. Because a good pack provides calm and focused energy. Placing a fearful dog in a pack that accepts it can help the fearful dog find confident and this is how a pack works.

A dog pack is form firstly with a good leader. A human leader in most domesticated dog cases and a dog leader in the wild. In most amazing packs that we see, there is bound to be 1-2 strong, confident, balanced dogs. When you raise these dogs right, any young dogs or puppies that is being adopted into the pack, will naturally learn from them, take after them and it saves you a whole great deal of trouble trying to convey what you want into dog terms, because there is only so much we as humans can translate into dog terms. A dog teaching another dog is ALWAYS going to be faster than a human teaching a dog, so with that, always take the time to raise an amazing dog, for he/she can be the future help of another dog.

What to do when you don’t have a pack or wants your dog to form a great pack with you? – Firstly, learn how to be a great leader. Make sure your dog is convinced that you are an amazing leader. Secondly and probably the best push that you can have, find an amazing pack around you and ask to hang out with them. If the pack that you have found consist of a number of amazing dogs, we as humans usually have no power to control whether or not your dog will be accepted into that pack. If it does, good for you, your dog will get an amazing push and take after all the good habits that you see in that particular pack.

*All of the above is based on our own experience and knowledge and is in no way scientifically proven.*