Problem Solving Clinic

This is a one on one program offering one single lesson to help owners tackle problems. Every owner wants the best for their dogs and every owner wants a good dog. What exact is a good dog? Every one’s definition of a good dog is different. To some, a good dog is simply one that will come when called or one that will not jump all over your guests.

Problem Solving Clinic is designed to solve minor issues focusing on helping the owners understand the causes of the unwanted behaviour and how to handle the behaviour. The focus will be on the owners, not the dog. Our aim is to help owners understand what is going on and how we can work towards achieving the ultimate goal.

Examples of problems that are suitable for Problem Solving Clinic are Leash pulling and Jumping on guests, Nipping, Marking and so on. Each session is exclusively for one household. Family members living together or are helping to take care of the dog are welcome to join so that everyone is on the same page. Dogs that do not belong to the same household are not allowed to attend to minimise confusion.

During the session, we will be evaluating and assessing the situation, explaining the problem and breaking down the basics and moving on to hands-on solutions. Each and every step includes you. Your participation, patience and continuous perseverance is the required.

**This is not a full fledged obedience course. This program is designed solely for single problem solving. If you need more than this, please click on other training programs**

$180, 90 minutes

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