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Kloudnine Terriers

Terriers are our favourite group of dogs, we own West Highland Terriers and Cairn Terriers. We spend a lot of time and effort on each and every single one of our dogs. They live in a very active environment with a lot of human contacts and daily activities. All of our dogs are on 100% raw diet and are outdoors at least twice a day. Our dogs enjoy travelling with us around the world, to date they have been to countries such as UK, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Italy and many more. Luring, a good ball game and just rolling around on the grass are some of the other activities they enjoy doing. Owning a terrier is a lot of fun and a lot of evil humours. You needs to have a sense of humour to own these guys, they are a lot of fun but definitely are very trying and a lot of trouble. Conformation Shows are something that we do with some of the dogs that are more promising. A few of them are Singapore Champion, International Champion and Asia Pacific Champion. Winning the shows is never the priority, but it definitely is a plus point. Every dog that we have is first a companion, a pet, a friend then a show dog.

Once in a blue moon, we plan for puppies. Each mating is carefully planned, parents are always health checked to be healthy, free of diseases and genetic issues. We only breed healthy, physically strong and correct, mentally stable dogs. With each litter, we strive to raise healthy, strong and confident puppies. Puppies are socialised since the day 1, exposed to different situations and environments. Each puppy is raised naturally, free from vaccinations and chemicals. Puppies are weaned onto 100% raw just like their parents. Puppies go to their new homes between 12-16 weeks. When they are ready, we match each puppy to the most suitable family. Workability is a big for us, we want each dog that we own, each puppy that we raise to be highly workable. That means, they need to be willing to work, happy to be with humans, willing to learn, perform and adapt. Just like our dogs, conformation showing is not a priority, it is just a plus point, workability is a priority.

We take pride in our dogs and the puppies that we produce. We focus heavily on the anatomy, coat condition, workability and temperament. All breeding dogs and puppies must be free from skin and joint issues. We seek dedicated, responsible, open-minded, fun and active families for the puppies. New dog owners are always welcome. Puppies are not free and they do not come cheap, each puppy that we place out there will be healthy, free from genetic diseases, skin issues and properly socialised. All puppies must continue to be handstripped. Puppies go to their new homes with guidelines, tips, recommendations and a contract. We care for every single puppy and an enormous amount of effort goes into raising and caring for them.

If you would like to own one of our puppies, you are welcome to click on thislinkto fill in the first part of the Puppy Questionnaire.

One-line answers will be ignored, people looking for price negotiation on puppies will be ignored.


About Us
At WOOGA! we specialise in our 14 days Board & Train program, we also offer services such as Daycare, Boarding, Handstripping and other unique training programs. We are a micro team of two, although small, we specialise in different areas and are highly passionate in what we do. We are dedicated to going to great lengths to ensure that what we provide is of the highest quality, unique and specialised to all our clients.
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