Scent Detection

Scent Detection or more commonly known as Nosework, is an engaging activity that any dog can participate in. Scent Detection is a job that selected military dogs do to uphold law enforcement. It is an activity that is extremely fun and engaging to dogs of any age, breed, size and temperament. Our Scent Detection program is a reward based sport for dogs, no correction is involved and there are no specific prerequisites to this sport. We work and take the dogs on every step, teaching them to search through hidden compartments in an orderly and systematic manner that not only benefits your dog’s focus level, but also confident level. Your dog will be taught a proper search pattern and learn to identify legal odours through motivation and engagement.

This engaging and fun activity builds confidence in fearful dogs, teaching the dog that its choices matter and to trust its instincts and choices, gives the dog a good mental stimulation and provides a good outlet for dogs with high energy levels. For owners who feel guilty about working all the time, and leaving their dog alone and sleeping all the time while they are at work, this is a great bonding activity which, after it has been mastered can be tailored to by yourself to an activity to be done in your home. It is an excellent non physically straining bonding activity which further strengthens the bond between you and your dog.

Basic Scent Detection Program: In this basic course, your dog will be introduced to search pattern through scent boxes. The speed of progress depends entirely on your dog. As a general guide, in 5 sessions, your dog will learn a proper search pattern through containers and fix on an alert motion to the handler when the odour is detected. You will get a good understanding on how this sport works and why a proper search pattern, rewarding and pairing system is important.

Price: $1000, 5 Private Sessions at 45minutes each
*there are no prerequisites to Basic Scent Detection*

Advanced Scent Detection
Once your dog is proficient with searching through containers and boxes with proper search pattern and without pairing, your dog will be able to proceed to more advanced scent works. In Advanced Scent Detection, we will introduce different search objects such as Scent Walls, Daily Home Objects, Travel Bags or Vehicles. The objective of Advance Scent Detection is to further your dog’s scent detection skills and gradually introduce your dog to the ‘final goal’ of scent detection, a room/house search or vehicle search.

Price: $1200, 5 Private Sessions at 45minutes each
*Your dog is required to complete Basic Scent Detection without pairing system. Check with us to find out if your dog qualifies for Advance Scent Detection*

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