Most people know that we are not a big fan of sterilising dogs. Our reason is fairly simple, with hormones intact, dogs can grow properly (in terms of joints and anatomies) and studies have shown that sterilising provides not only pros but a list cons as well. If you haven’t read our first post about sterilisation, click here: POST

However, we also believe that full sterilisation can help a lot of dogs and first time owners in terms of the dog’s behaviour, it can help reduce a lot of aggression between dogs, especially male dogs and we always encourage owners who do not have enough experiences, to sterilise their dogs the traditional way. Having an intact male or female can be very different from having a sterilised male or female, the way they act instinctually is different, the way they greet other dogs can be different, the way that they handle fights is also different.

Moving on, full sterilisation not only result in some growth differences but also possible future health issues. Did you know that there is another way out? Ovary Sparing Spay, Vasectomy will keep your dogs sterile but also leave the hormones intact. It is important that dogs who are not suitable for breeding should never be bred, it is the only way that we can keep the breeds healthy.

Ovary Sparing Spay
For the ladies, ovary sparing spray will prevent them from pyrometer in their later life but also keep their ovary intact. This procedure removes the uterus and cervix but not the ovaries. Female dogs spayed this way will not get pregnant, but they still will act like an intact female dog. They will act like they are in heat and males will be attracted to them, but there will be no vaginal discharge.

Vasectomy is a surgical procedure for the male dogs.Vasectomy will prevent sperm from entering into the seminal stream and will make the male dog sterile, but the hormones intact. The hormones will aid in his anatomy and bone developments. A vasectomised dog will act like an fully intact male dog, but he will not be able to contribute to the future bloodline.

Our honest opinion, Vasectomy and Ovary Sparing Spay will not only keep your dog sterile, but also prevent cancerous illnesses that can be caused by the lack-of-hormones in the future and this is the ideal way of sterilisation for us. The only downside is that dogs that go through this procedures will act like intact dogs, and they will need to be better handled than fully sterilised dogs, very often they will need a tougher and firmer handler.

With these newer options, owners can now decide which methods will best benefit their dogs. As always, not all dogs are the same, it is up to the owners to decide which is best for their dogs.