As with humans, water is the substance of life for dogs. proximately 60 percent of a dog’s body is made up of water. Water makes up a big part of Brain, muscles and blood.Most of us often do not refer water as a nutrient like protein, vitamin and minerals. However, water is considered an essential nutrient because it is required in large amount and these amounts are which our dogs’ bodies cannot produce. They need to take in new water intake everyday to make up for losses through panting, urination, faeces and other areas. All biochemical reaction occur in water. It is important to add fresh water into their body to keep them hydrated.

What Water Does for your pet?
Water is essential for many activities that happens inside your dog’s body.Water keeps your dog hydrated and its body functioning properly. With sufficient clean water, it can help to flush toxic from the body, in particular from the kidneys and the digestive tract. Water is essential for proper digestion, nutrients absorption. Water also helps to regulate the body’s cooling system to help maintain a normal body temperature.

Basically, water helps to keep your pet healthy. Failure to drink enough water over a long period of time can lead to Dehydration. The body will not be able to function well enough when dogs are suffering from dehydration, which in turn can leave the body in a weakened state causing a list of diseases. Organs can also start to lose its function.

How much should my dog drink?
The amount of water that a dog should take daily of course depends on it’s size, it’s diet, the environment and the activity level. As a simple rule of thumb, dogs should consume 55ml to 100ml per kg per day. If your dog is 10kg, it’s healthy level of water intake can range from 550ml to 1litre.

How to encourage my dog to drink more?
Most dogs, like humans, do not drink enough water. Going to the water bowl for a sip is like a torture to them. Dogs consuming Kibbles will need a considerably higher amount of water intake as compared to dogs on raw or home cooked diet. 70% of the fresh raw diet are made up of water. Cooking reduces the water content in meat significantly. However home cooked meals still contains more water than Kibbles.

Here are some simple ways to encourage more water intake for your dog.

  • Add some healthy flavourings into their water. Yoghurt, Kefir, Food toppers or even fruits can help stimulate their eagerness to drink water.

  • Make it a habit for them to go to the water bowl after exercising.

  • Offer clean and fresh water all day, every day.

  • Add water into their food.

  • Use a water fountain or a bowl that creates water movements.

Our boys enjoying filtered ice water from Torus Bowl after walk

Dogs are naturally attracted to drink more from moving water. Water fountains or Filter bowls that creates water movements will encourage them to drink more from the bowl. The negative point about most water fountains is that they make use of electricity and cleaning the fountain is a chore.

To allow our dogs to drink more water anywhere they go, we use TORUS bowl. When they take a sip from the bowl, it automatically replenishes with fresh filtered water stored in the reservoir. This makes the water moves and it encourages them to drink more water without having to plug it into a socket.

Staying hydrated is an important key to keeping your pet healthy. Start making sure that your dog drinks enough fresh and clean water!