Every owner wants the best for their dog and every owner wants a good dog. What exactly is a good dog? To many people, a good dog is simply one that will come when called, one that will follow you or one that does not jump all over your guests. However, not every owner knows how to teach, train or correct their dog when necessary and often undesirable behaviours become a bad habit that the owners can no longer stop. At a point like this, owners may not need a whole training course or full stretched classes to train their dogs, all they need is a simple session for them to understand what their dogs are thinking, why they do what they do and how can the behaviour be improved or stopped.

We always believe that the bond we have with dogs grow stronger as we spend time with them doing different activities and redirecting, correcting and training certain behaviour is no exception. This is why we focus on the owners but not the dogs. Our aim is for the owners to understand what is going on and how can we all work towards achieving a balanced lifestyle for our dogs.

Our Focus
Having a balanced dog is the ultimate goal for us and pretty much every single dog owner. A balanced dog is a healthy dog. In order to have a balanced dog, we, the owners need to understand dogs. In other words, we need to speak dogs in order to address certain behaviours and issues and lead them to a balanced healthy lifestyle.

Who should join the Training session?
If you have a certain issue that you would like to work on but you don’t need a full fledged training sessions, this is for you! If your dog is constantly jumping up the sofa, if your dog does not come to you, if your dog refuses to eat unless you hand-feed him, this is for you! If you have simply no idea what you dog wants, this is for you!

Private session per household
Each session is exclusively for one household. The session will focus only on the pressing issue that you are having with your dog. Family members living or helping with the dog are more than welcome to join so that every member understands the situation. Dogs that do not belong to the same household are not allowed to attend the same session to minimise confusion.

Duration and Rate
90minutes, $180 per session.
We always believe in charging only for the amount of work we have done, and for the amount of work that is necessary to be done. As the saying goes, practise makes perfect. It is no different with raising with a dog. Repetitions eventually becomes reality. 90minutes is sufficient for most owners and dogs to understand and learn. After which, all you have to do is keep practising and keep going! If you feel that you need more than one session, you are most welcome to continue with another session.

What will be included?
In the short 90 minutes session, we will be evaluating and assessing the situation, explanation of the issue, breaking down the basics of Dog Psychology and finally moving on to the hands-on solutions. Each and every step includes you, the owner and by the end of the session you will know and understand what is the issue and how you can keep going on to achieve your desired behaviour.

Payment and Refund
50% downpayment is mandatory once session is confirmed. Without deposit, slot and session will not be reserved for you. Remaining 50% has be to paid before the start of the session. A full refund will be given if and only when we do not have a suitable solution to your issue. In the case of owners not following through to achieve the desired behaviour, no refunds will be made. All decisions made by WOOGA! are final.

The right knowledge and a willing mind and body are all you need to lead your dog to a balanced lifestyle.