What we do

WOOGA! is a small scale home-boarder offering mainly boarding and daycare services. We are a team who are dedicated to providing high quality holistic services to all our guests.

WOOGA! prefers to raise our own gang using the most natural ways possible including food, exercises, medications. We are very interested in bringing our gang as close to nature as possible, thus we raise them using the approach of adopting the ways of how the canine ancestors lived and treating the canine anatomy with respect. We believe that every dog should have the chance to live happily and healthily to the best of our abilities. And that includes species appropriate food, adequate exercises and stimulations and staying as close to mother nature as possible.

We too, are very open to sharing our beliefs and knowledge to all owners who are interested in a more holistic approach to raising their pets and we strive to treat all guests only the same way we would with our own gang.